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5 min readMar 24, 2023


Hey everyone ,Team ZkT here.

We’re excited to share with y’all the progress we’ve had on the DApp and would love to hear the feedbacks and reviews.

This is the first public beta release of the dapp so you might encounter a couple bugs which will be rewarded as part of the Bug Bounty Program.

Following is a guide on how to interact with the ZkTsunami Beta dapp ( deployed on the Sepolia Testnet.

How to mine SepoliaETH to test ZkT Dapp :

To get SepoliaETH for testing the Dapp, you need to mine it from the given faucet link :

Sepolia PoW Faucet Homepage

All you got to do is put your ETH address or ENS name in the given blank, complete the captcha and click on ‘Start Mining’.

Sepolia PoW Faucet Mining Window

After clicking on “Start Mining”, you’ll be redirected to a window like one in the above snippet. After collecting enough SepoliaETH for basic confirmations, stop mining and collect your rewards.

THE ZkT Dapp Interface : This is the link to access our ZkTsunami Beta Dapp.

ZkTsunami Beta Homepage
  1. The homepage consists of “Connect Wallet” button and a section to search for the token you want to hide.
ZkTsunami Beta Login

2. After connecting your wallet, the next page asks you to either Login with your existing ZkTsunami Private Key or Register if you don’t have an account.

What is ZkTsunami Private Key ?

“ZkTsunami Private Key” acts as the password for your ZkTsunami beta Dapp. You can either create one yourself or allow the generator to generate your private key . The private Key you manually create must contain at least 16 characters, but no more than 64 characters. It must also contain at least one lowercase letter and one digital number.

ZkTsunami Register Window

This key should be kept safe as this is your account’s password to access the ZkT dapp.

ZkT Register Window - 2

Input your private key into the designated field and proceed with registration. Once registration is completed, a file containing your private key will be automatically downloaded and saved on your device.

During this procedure, ZkTsunami will neither retain nor be aware of your private key file.

You’ll be redirected to the ZkTsunami Beta dapp’s homepage after Registration is confirmed.

ZkT Beta Homepage

Overview of the ZkTsunami Dapp UI and Functionalities :


For the contract you’ve selected prior to registration, to deposit you need to simply obtain tokens of that contract and then choose the Fund option.

The Unit value defines what the exchange rate is for your tokens. This unit value is standardized so that your real amounts are hidden under xZKT token once you’ve completed the Fund process.

  • The funding process will charge an additional 1% gas fee which will be added to the main supply of ZKT funding pool. This is ultimately the tax we levy on deposit transactions in the ecosystem. Holders of ZKT (Top 10 Holders ) will have the benefits of not requiring to pay this fee.
    - You can deposit multiple amounts across time, please note that the aforementioned fee will be applicable for each individual deposit.
    - There is no minimum or maximum amount of tokens you can deposit for any contract.


You can anonymously send your tokens to another ZKTsunami account. This can be an account you’ve created via registration or an account someone else has created through the same process.

You can check your ZkTsunami account address via the My ZkTsunami Account dialog.


The statistics page will provide an overall health report of the ZkTsunami ecosystem including, but not limited to :

  • Total Value Locked (TVL)
    This is the USD / ETH value (of all tokens) currently held anonymously by the ZkTsunami accounts.
  • Total transaction Volume:
    The USD / ETH value of all deposits and withdrawals that have passed through the ecosystem
  • Total Users:
    Number of users who have created a ZkTsunami account
  • Processing Fees:
    Amount of fees (USD / ETH) collected through users over time for deposits and withdrawals
  • ZKT benefits:
    Amount of USD / ETH distributed to ZKT holders from fees accrued by the ZKTsunami ecosystem.

Details on Bug Bounty Program :

ZkTsunami Beta Bug Bounty Program

Help us find bugs and win huge prizes!

This can be related to issues you find in the Dapp or in the contract, Sybil attacks that leads to loss of anonymity and errors related to Fee calculations or amount validations.

It can also include common UI bugs or issues that you may encounter in the beta Dapp. We’ve been constantly working to fix issues but any help would be appreciated.

We as a team appreciate all the support from the Community while we deliver and build zk-AnonSNARK powered anonymity protocol.Below mentioned are related links with ZkTsunami.

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