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6 min readMay 27, 2023

We would like to address some of the communities ongoing questions and concerns and shine some light on what happened and what the path forward looks like.

1.) As for what factors contributed to the delays with the mixer and ultimate decision to move forward with a new dev team for the mixer:

We genuinely did not anticipate such a prolonged development process on the mixer. Our head developer for the mixer, Kanagawa, initially believed he could complete the project independently. However, on top of the struggles with the mixer itself, he was also dealing with some health issues and the combination of his unknown availability and our collective overconfidence in him being able to complete the mixer independently became a prolonged stumbling block. It’s part of the reason we were unable to provide accurate updates to the community, and the delay just kept extending longer and longer than we ever anticipated.

So, after much internal discussion, we decided to bring in a new team of professional developers to lend fresh perspective and expertise in this area. These additions to our team understand the codebase and its complexities, and we are already seeing the confidence grow internally as we make significant progress in the mixer’s development.

2.) Why is it not feasible to release a mixer version without the inclusion of problematic tokens?

The main reason we cannot release a more limited version of the mixer without problematic tokens in a general sense, is the collective complexity of how the code is written. Our mixer is designed to work with all ERC-20 tokens, not just ETH. In a simple explanation, the code is written in a way that is intertwined to create seamless functionality across all tokens, so just removing a few tokens is not feasible. Unfortunately, we had unforeseen bugs with certain tokens, and we could not initially identify what tokens were giving us problems. We explored various solutions, but it’s not as simple as removing the bugged portion, in order to release a partially functional ETH mixer. Our code encompasses the entire ERC-20 ecosystem. I hope that makes sense without going to in depth with all the technical intricacy’s. We are committed to addressing the challenges to provide a robust ERC-20 mixer for our community.

3.) Given the significant underestimation of the mixer’s timeline, will the community receive updates on the progress achieved?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of transparent communication and keeping our community informed. The last 2 months has been extremely frustrating not being able to do that. As mentioned earlier, we were dealing with some things out of our control with Kanagawa’s health, and also the unknown if he could complete the project, and we just never anticipated it going on for as long as it did. With that said, we were unable to give accurate updates as we ourselves did not have any internal resolution. We own that, we apologize for the frustrations many of you had over the last 2 months, and with our current plan in place we should be able to give everyone more consistent updates on progress.

4.) Who currently comprises the team and what are their respective roles?

Our team consists of 14 highly skilled individuals, including two recently appointed full-time developers who are exclusively focused on the mixers completion. Four team members dedicate their efforts solely to the mixer, while the remaining ten collaboratively work on our other products. Additionally, we are fortunate to have a talented graphic designer who oversees our website, logo, and all other design-related aspects of our operation.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and understanding throughout this development journey. We are fully committed to delivering a high quality ERC-20 mixer that meets all of our expectations and requirements. With our expanded team we are focused and confident in making significant progress toward our end result. Rest assured, we will continue to communicate openly with you, ensuring that you are informed about every milestone achieved. Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to providing you with an exceptional ERC-20 mixer and full privacy tool suite in the near future.



Co-Founder & Community head.

ZKT Ecosystem.

Unleashing Privacy: Exploring the Innovative Products of the ZKTsunami Ecosystem.

1 ZkDapp: ZkDapp serves as our flagship product, functioning as an advanced mixer within the ZKTsunami ecosystem. With a strong emphasis on privacy, ZkDapp enables users to mix ERC-20 tokens securely and anonymously. It sets itself apart from competitors by offering unparalleled privacy features and ensuring that users’ transactions cannot be traced back to their original source. Once completion of the ERC-20 mixer has been reached, we will then be able to expand at a faster rate to achieve a multi-chain mixer.

2 ZkVPN: ZkVPN is a privacy-focused virtual private network (VPN) solution currently undergoing beta testing. We have procured 40 servers worldwide to ensure optimal performance and global accessibility. Unlike conventional VPN services, ZkVPN places utmost importance on preserving complete user privacy. It employs cutting-edge technologies that eliminate the need for users to provide any personal information during sign-up. Instead, ZkVPN generates a unique ID for each user, allowing for anonymous usage. Payments for the service can be made using cryptocurrency, further enhancing privacy. ZkVPN does not track stable IP addresses, ensuring that users’ online activities remain completely confidential. It is designed to be cross-platform, available as a web app, Mac OS X, Windows, and Chrome extension. Additionally, ZkVPN will be accessible via mobile apps on Android (through the Google Play Store) and iOS devices. It is important to note that all revenue generated by these products will be distributed to $ZKT stakers, aligning our ecosystem’s growth with the interests of our community.

3 ZkBrowser: ZkBrowser is a comprehensive private browser designed to protect users’ online privacy. By blocking trackers, removing cookies, and preventing data leakage, ZkBrowser ensures that users can browse the internet without leaving any digital footprints. It distinguishes itself from competitors by providing a fully private browsing experience, shielding users from intrusive tracking and data collection.

4 Zkwallet: Zkwallet is a secure and private digital wallet designed to safeguard users’ assets. By leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques, Zkwallet ensures that users have full control over their funds while maintaining complete privacy. Unlike traditional wallets, Zkwallet implements robust privacy measures to protect user identities, transaction histories, and asset holdings.

5 ZKswap: ZKswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform within the ZKTsunami ecosystem, enabling users to swap tokens seamlessly and anonymously. It sets itself apart from other DEX platforms by prioritizing privacy and anonymity. ZKswap ensures that transaction histories remain private, providing users with enhanced security and confidentiality when trading tokens.

Each product within the ZKTsunami ecosystem is uniquely positioned to provide users with a secure and private experience. By emphasizing privacy as a core principle, our products differentiate themselves from competitors, giving users the confidence to transact, browse, and manage their digital assets with complete peace of mind.



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